Introducing the Travel Club!

So you might be wondering why another clothing line has emerged? whats the point!? - Well were a little bit different.  Yes were a clothing line, we cant deny that. But we are here for a reason. To understand the clothing line you first need to understand the company behind the clothing line. Sports 4 Kids As a company,  provides a services to benefit young people. Working with various age groups and providing youth focused sports & mentoring sessions. 

Our "Why" is to build positive relationships with young people, in the hope of giving them a platform to achieve more because we believe they are the future.

Anything from Football to Badminton, group sessions to one to ones. As long as we are supporting and bettering young people to see their own potential, we're fulfilling our goal. Being apart of the solution and not the problem is something we also stand for. 

But why a clothing line?

We decided to create a unique clothing line Giving young people a uniform or a sense of pride and belief that they can do anything they put their minds too. Travelling form place to place is something young people love to do and what better way then to explore it together? The TravelGang clothing line is designed to not only give young people support but the proceeds from each item sold goes towards a youth centre in local areas. 

And there you have it. Our journey is just starting so stay with us.

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  • This is amazing! Keep up the good work guys.


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